Threadkins is the creation of Beck who lives in sunny Perth, Western Australia. 

Before kids, Beck thought life couldn’t possibly get any busier, she was busy at work, helping companies build engaging online customer platforms. She was also busy at play, shopping for new clothes, weekly yoga, regular lie-ins (ba-ha-ha!) and sneezing without squeezing!

Today, Beck is a mum of three. Life is still busy, the lie-ins are a distant memory and the buying of nice clothes has largely shifted focus to the kids. With all three growing fast, buying ‘nice’ (aka premium) is a rare treat and pre-loved shopping has become the norm. 

Frustrated with the experience of buying pre-loved kids clothes, Beck decided to use her online platform experience to create Threadkins, a niche buy and sell marketplace. 

The vision for Threadkins is to build a smooth, hassle-free marketplace which attracts similarly passionate buyers and sellers and features on-trend and relevant items of great quality and price. By streamlining its core membership, Threadkins offers members a better marketplace experience which will ultimately save members time and money. 

Assisting Beck, on the user-experience side of things, to ensure Threadkins delivers on its promises are a small yet invaluable dedicated team